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Nigerian hover shrimp - Desmocaris trispinosa
  • Nigerian hover shrimp - Desmocaris trispinosa
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Nigerian hover shrimp - Desmocaris trispinosa

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Desmocaris trispinosa / Nigerian hover shrimp
PH 6 - 7
GH 5-14 °dGH
Size ca. 4,5cm
Aquarium ab 54 l
Temp 22-28 °C
Food Algen, Mulm, Garnelenfutter,nicht wählerisch 
Haltung Gruppe(ideal ab 10st)
Origin Nigeria
Desmocaris trispinosa grows up to 4.5 cm and needs an aquarium (54l or more) with sand as substrate and roots. Aquarium plants as hiding places or retreats contribute to the well-being of the animals. With a PH value of 6 to 7.0 and a GH value of 5 to 14, the animals, which should be kept in a group, quickly feel comfortable. In the aquarium, Desmocaris trispinosa does not prefer any particular swimming area, but stays in all areas. Desmocaris trispinosa does not depend on a current in the aquarium. Desmocaris trispinosa feeds omnivorously in its natural environment, i.e. on both plant and animal food. Breeding in the aquarium is possible and has already been successful.
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