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Zebra-Otocinclus, Otocinclus cocama *Rarity*
  • Zebra-Otocinclus, Otocinclus cocama *Rarity*
  • Zebra-Otocinclus, Otocinclus cocama *Rarity*
  • Zebra-Otocinclus, Otocinclus cocama *Rarity*
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Zebra-Otocinclus, Otocinclus cocama *Rarity*

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The ear lattice loricariid catfish (Otocinclus), colloquially also "dwarf suckers" or simply "otos", are a genus of loricariid catfish (Loricariidae). The scientific name comes from ous = "ear" and kinklis = "lattice" and refers to the lattice-like hind bone (posttemporal).



Ear lattice catfishes live in South America, west of the Andean Cordillera, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia (Amazon, Río de la Plata), in forest streams and small rivers with dense riparian vegetation, among dead wood and aquatic plants.



Ear lattice catfish are so-called aufwuchsfresser. Besides young algae they eat plant remains and dead wood. An important part of their diet consists of the microorganisms living on them. This very popular ornamental fish is often advertised as omnivore and algae eater, which often leads to a wrong feeding of the sensitive animals. The introduction of the animals should only take place in fully acclimated aquariums, since the growth as a food basis is only slowly established in the beginning.

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