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Tylomelania sp. orange (Orange Rabbit/Rock Snail)
  • Tylomelania sp. orange (Orange Rabbit/Rock Snail)
  • Tylomelania sp. orange (Orange Rabbit/Rock Snail)
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Tylomelania sp. orange (Orange Rabbit/Rock Snail)

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Tylomelania spec (Orange Rabbit Snail)



Origin: Sulawesi ( Danau Poso )

poseIt will use the pose of mind. 2 - 4 animals recommended. They are really interesting aquarium inhabitants that enrich every aquarium.

These snails can be used from a basin size of at least 60cm length can be kept. The aquarium should offer some hiding places and plants, the substrate should also be fine, rough or angular substrate can cause damage to the housing and snail foot.

your feet - Color is possible from gold to orange.


It can It can happen that the snails that nibble on the plants should they not get enough vegetable food, so it is advisable to feed them with green fodder tablets/granules.

Water parameters:

GH: 5 to 20°

pH- Value: 7 and more

Temperature: 25 - 30 degrees Celsius

Reproduction: The snails are unisexual and viviparous. Approximately every 6 weeks 1 cub.


Food: Snails feed on commercially available types of food (flakes and food tabs), algae, lettuce and frozen food.

Achievable final size: Up to 8cm.

Selling size: 4-5cm.



Shipping info: We recommend these snails with the shipping option DHL Express, Better to order DHL Express incl. Styrofoam.

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