Cherax Black Scorpion
  • Cherax Black Scorpion
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Cherax Black Scorpion

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Cherax Black Scorpion

  • Size: approx. 10 cm (final size)
  • Colour: black
  • Reservoir size: from an edge length of 80 cm you can easily keep 1 male and 2 females if you design accordingly. The larger the space, the more ideal for the crabs. There should be plenty of hiding places as my crab rarely shows up during the day and is very nocturnal.
  • Socialization: We recommend a species tank.
  • Temperature: We keep the animals at 22-26 degrees, depending on the room temperature without heating.
  • Food: Not picky (flakes, tabs, frozen food, organic vegetables)

The sexes are distinguishable. The female has claws that are much weaker and narrower. In all Cherax species in the female, two small oval openings can be found on the right and left on the 3rd pair of legs (approach). The male is on the 5th pair of walking legs on a kl. to recognize a thorn. If the female is fertilized, she can carry a clutch size of 50 to over 100 eggs under the tail. As previously mentioned, the tank setup should consist of many hiding places. Small caves made of rock where the animals can retreat, I use lava stones here, but larger clay caves, e.g. for catfish, are also welcome.

A socialization with fish is only recommended to a limited extent (here it can occasionally lead to losses, especially of fish close to the bottom). Small shrimp such as Red Fire are possible and are not actively hunted. Because of the crayfish plague, socialization with other crustaceans, e.g. Procambarus, is not recommended under any circumstances. A socialization of different Cherax species is also not recommended, since the animals interbreed. This cherax species is easy to propagate with me and has already produced more than 100 young animals in one litter. The wearing time was about 6-8 weeks at a temperature of about 22 degrees.

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